Green bins for garden waste in Canberra

will ruin

Canberra’s Greatest Recycling Achievement

Canberra currently recycles 97.5% of its green waste each year

Green bins are destined to damage this world class model beyond repair…

and ACT rate payers will be paying up to $10 million per year for this to happen

In today’s society yellow top recycling bins and garden waste ‘green bins’ are a part of any city’s environmental responsibility, the alternative is to do nothing and with that being the only other option, these systems both have positive results to a certain degree for the environment. Over the last 30 years, without a green bin service, Canberra has developed its own remarkable green waste recycling model that recycles 97.5% of all green waste generated in the city each year. This rate of recycling is stated as ‘international best practice’ which outperforms all other existing green waste recycling models. NSW councils use green bins for garden waste in their areas already, and this is the system the ACT Labor party intends to introduce in Canberra in early 2017. The problem is, that the green bin system used by NSW councils produces unusable stockpiles of contaminated shredded green waste that is not fit for recycling.

The current green waste recycling model Canberra has in place, recycles an astonishing 97.5% of all of the garden waste the city produces every year. In a day and age where a recycling rate of 70% of any type of material is considered an outstanding result, 97.5% is absolutely international best practice. Currently 100% of the green waste that is delivered to Canberra’s recycling centres is processed and then used back on Canberra gardens in the form of, Canberra organic mulch, Organic compost, Super compost and Forest litter. These products save water and enhance growth in local gardens, these gardens are then pruned in the future and those pruning’s end up back at the local recycling centres for the whole process to take place again.

The ACT Labor government should be telling the world about this recycling model, instead, they are going to damage it beyond repair by introducing green bins in Canberra. The outcome of this new system will instantly result in a huge reduction in recycling rates of green waste and will increase waste going to landfill. Why would any government want to do that?

The biggest problem in the world facing recycling of any material, is the level of contaminants found in the product at the start of the recycling process. The current Canberra green waste recycling model shows the Canberra community and businesses delivering, world class, clean, contaminant free product to the local recycling facilities and has done so for 25 years, ensuring 100% recycling of product at those facilities. The proposed green bin model used in NSW council areas, delivers plastic pots, glass bottles, garbage bags and general rubbish or whatever some members of the community choose to put into their green bin with their garden waste. This level of contamination renders massive quantities of green waste non usable and certainly not fit for recycling.

Canberra is facing what may become an extremely serious situation. The city currently generates 205 000 tonnes of green waste each year, if the contamination levels in the green bin delivery system render even just 20% of green waste non-recyclable the city will suddenly be facing a 40 000 tonne pile of green waste that no one has a use for. That is just in year 1, year 2 will deliver another 40 000 tonnes and so on. What will the government do with this ever growing pile of contaminated green waste, will it end up at landfill? Has the ACT Labor government thought this through? Why would they risk this?

The details are explained below. Please read on to find out the facts.

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