Are Canberras current and future first home owners going to be the collective group in the community that pay for Green bins in Canberra?

The ACT Labor party intends to spend $10 million each year unnecessarily on green bins for garden waste while reducing the first home owners grant from $12500 in December 2015 to $7000 in January 2017.

Canberra already has a successful green waste processing program in place that runs at ‘international best practice’, recycling 97.5% of all green waste produced in Canberra each and every year. Why does the ACT Labor government want to turn its back on the most successful recycling program in the country and spend $10 million dollars per year on green bins for garden waste in Canberra? Their answer is, ‘residents in NSW council areas have the service and so should Canberrans, local people are asking for this service’. ACT Labor politicians must realise that NSW councils do not have the best green waste recycling program in the country already in operation as we currently have in Canberra, this is why spending $10 million each and every year on green bins in Canberra is a waste of rate payers’ money. Green bins for garden waste will have a serious negative impact on current recycling rates and will ultimately send more waste to landfill.

As recently as January 2016 ACT Labor said that a green bin for garden waste would be too expensive to implement in Canberra and would have no impact on reducing waste to landfill, so why are they doing this now? Click on this link to see the Canberra Times story dated June 2 2016. what could have possibly changed in 6 months that the ACT Labor party did a complete turnaround on the topic.

As each year passes Canberra house prices increase, as at Sep 24 2016 the entry level housing cost in Canberra is $461 850. (source: Domain news story: ‘Mid-market surge in Canberra property values leaves entry-level buyers struggling’). First home buyers in Canberra face an ever increasing deposit just to get into the housing market. Currently a 5% deposit on an entry level home is $23 092. The next generation of first home buyers in Canberra needs as much government assistance as possible to take the step into home ownership, yet the local ACT Labor government is in the process of reducing their first home owners grant from $12500 (Dec 31 2015) to just $7000 (Jan 1 2017) or in the space of just over 12 months. Currently first home owners grants in other states are, N.T $26 000, Tas $20 000, S.A $15 000, Vic and W.A $10 000 and NSW $7 000. Why is the ACT Labor party cutting funding to first home owners in the ACT? Why is the ACT grant so low compared to other states and territories? What other program do they need that money for?

The ACT Labor government intends to waste $10 million dollars of Canberra rate payers money on green bins for garden waste each year to basically attempt to replicate the successful green waste recycling system it already has in place, yet it is taking money away from first home owners. WHY?

For thousands of Canberrans each year, that $5500 reduction in the first home owners grant in the ACT will mean the difference between home ownership now or many more years of trying to save a deposit for a property in an ever increasing real estate market.

Is the $5500 reduction in the first homeowners grant going towards paying for an unnecessary green bin service in Canberra? The ACT Labor government should not waste $10 million dollars each year on green bins, instead that money should be added back to the first home owners grant which would help 1800 Canberrans ($10 million/$5500) purchase a home in Canberra each year. Surely in 10 years time the people of Canberra would prefer to know that $100 million dollars (10 years x $10 million) of rate payers money went towards helping 18 000 Canberrans buy their first home in the ACT, instead of that money being wasted on a green bin service for garden waste that was simply not needed.