Join us in asking your local ACT Labor member any of the following questions about green bins. The community needs answers.

  1. Does the ACT Labor party realise that Canberra recycles 97.5% of its green waste already?
  2. Why does the ACT Labor government want to replace the most successful recycling program in the country with a green bin system that is failing in other jurisdictions?
  3. Why is the ACT Labor party willing to destroy Canberras greatest recycling achievement?
  4. Why did the ACT Labor party strongly oppose the introduction of green bins before the 2012 election? And why does it now support green bins?
  5. At a 97.5% recycling rate, theoretically this cannot be improved upon. Why does the ACT Labor government want to spend $10 million dollars per year to replace a system that is working by all measures, at international best standards and potentially damage it beyond repair?
  6. Why does the ACT Labor party want to spend $10 million per year on a green bin program in Canberra that is already extremely successful when there are areas in the Canberra community that desperately need that money each year like schools, hospitals, housing and local infrastructure?
  7. If the ACT Waste Management Strategy 2011-2025 states that a green bin service in Canberra would not significantly reduce waste to landfill, why does the ACT Labor government want to spend $10 million of rate payer’s money each and every year into the future on a green bin system?
  8. There are obviously costs involved in running this type of program, how is it possible that the ACT Labor government can state it will be a free service, only incurring an initial up front 1 off cost to opt-in users?
  9. Will only the residents who opt-in to the green bin program be paying for the service in their rates?
  10. Will rate payers who are not using the green bin service still be paying for the service in their rates to cover the cost of running the program for the opt-in users?
  11. How will the government stop a minority of residents from putting rubbish in their green bins, thus contaminating the contents of an entire load?
  12. Why does the government want to introduce green bins to Canberra when NSW council green bins programs are producing unusable, contaminated end product not fit for recycling?
  13. Does the ACT Labor government realise that they will be increasing the amount of green waste that ends up at land fill because of the low quality end product a green bin system produces?
  14. Is the government aware of the unusable mountain of contaminated green waste that Queanbeyan council is trying to deal with as a result of their green bins?
  15. What does the ACT Labor government wish to gain from a green bin program? What is their ultimate outcome?