The ACT has trialled organic (bio) bins previously with disappointing results due to contamination levels in the bins.

From August 2000 to June 2001 an organic bin trial was run in the suburb of Chifley in the ACT by the local government. At the end of the trial a third bin was deemed fiscally irresponsible for the ACT. In other words, it was going to be too expensive to go ahead with. The big issue that came out of the trial was the level of contamination being placed into organic bins by residents. The trial ran for 11 months and during that time, initial contamination levels were low but during the later months of the trial contamination levels increased substantially, and this was obviously a concern.

This is also the concern with the proposed green bin pilot program. Contamination levels in the green waste bins will definitely have a negative impact on recycling levels of green waste in Canberra. Obviously, changing the current system that is producing a near perfect 97.5% recycling rate by introducing contaminants into that system will certainly have a large negative impact on recycling rates of green waste in Canberra and will most likely see far more shredded, contaminated, unusable green waste going to landfill as cover for rubbish piles.

Please see details of discussion from the: ACT Legislative assembly hansard, contained in the link below.