The real dollar cost to ACT rate payers involved in having a ‘green bin’ in Canberra households. Will you be paying for someone else?

The ACT Labor party is currently stating that the green bin pilot program will incur a one-off charge of $50 as a cost recovery fee for the bin provided for opt-in users and is then not saying, or does not know what the ongoing cost of the program will be. Obviously there will be immediate ongoing costs of running the program to ACT rate payers, and once the green bin program is rolled out across Canberra to the rest of the ‘opt-in’ users, the cost to ACT rate payers will go up substantially.

Pick up vehicles, wages, overtime, superannuation, workers compensation insurance, public liability insurance, insurance on vehicles, fuel, running costs of vehicles, repairs to vehicles and administration staff are all costs which will be incurred by the program. These costs will be met by ACT rate payers at an amount, which at this stage, conservatively looks to be around $10 million per year. Will only the ‘opt-in’ residents of the program be paying extra on their rates to cover these costs or will the costs be covered by all rate payers in Canberra? Does this then mean that rate payers who have not opted-in to the program will be subsidising other rate payers who have opted-in? Does this mean that rate payers who live in multi-unit housing complexes, who have no need for a green bin, will be paying for the opt-in users of the program in their rates?

The dollar cost of the program is an absolute fact and many questions remain unanswered about the program and which residents will be paying for the service in their rates.